We are currently studying the New City Catechism.

It is a modern catechism that asks and answers fifty-two questions, one for each week of the year.

Catechisms have a long history in Presbyterianism. At one time, they were the core curriculum of Christian Education. Many of us memorized the Children’s Catechism (1840) which was an abbreviated and simplified version of the Westminster Confession’s Shorter Catechism (1649). However, there are several other beloved catechisms in our tradition, the Heidelberg Catechism being chief among them.

Catechisms are designed to be memorized (question and answer), but if we only memorize the words, we will miss their more profitable application. Catechisms are intended to summarize essentials of our Christian faith, and so we must also meditate upon the language and its meaning to receive the catechism’s full benefit.