Mission Activities

Briarwood Presbyterian Church has a heart and soul for Missions and is engaged in numerous outreach ministries locally, nationally and internationally. We support local ministries of compassion and transformation by donating money and providing volunteers for area ministries such as:

  • Stewpot Community Services (serving Jackson’s homeless and working poor)
  • Back Pack Buddies (feeding children who are at risk for hunger)
  • Gateway Rescue Mission (ministering to homeless men, women and children through programs to deliver food, shelter and discipleship)
  • Mission Mississippi (working for racial reconciliation)
  • Lizzie Cooper Ministries (serving the “least of these” in the inner city of Jackson)
  • Center for Violence Protection (providing sanctuary for abused women)

Educational Ministries

  • Columbia Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Belhaven University

Mission Statement

Briarwood Presbyterian Church: A Welcoming Family of Faith in Jesus Christ, putting God First, Teaching Obedience to Christ’s Commands, and Caring for People’s Needs within the Church and the Community.

Local Missions

Briarwood is hands on with organizations such as Habitat for HumanityStewpot After School and Summer Adventure, Lizzie Cooper Ministries, Billy Brumfiled Shelter for men., and many more.

The Presbyterian Women are also actively involved in providing gifts to children at the University Medical Center and ongoing projects at Mary Martha Days as well as many other activities

Overseas Missions

Briarwood has been providing financial support for years to:

  • Werner and Lisa Schobesberger in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Medical Missionaries in Bangladesh and Refuge missions in Belgium.
  • Mission Haven www.missionhaven.net (providing a home for missionaries on furlow)
  • Rise Against Hunger www.riseagainsthunger.org (fighting hunger all around the world)
  • Living Waters for the World www.livingwatersfortheworld.org (installing clean water systems all
    around the world)
  • Mission: Hope www.missionhope.org (doing community development and evangelism all around
    the world)

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women welcome you to Briarwood. We are part of a church-wide organization open to all women. We give strong support to the mission of the church and determine our own leadership, program and budget. In order to meet the various schedules of all women, we have four different Circles that meet once a month for fellowship and Bible study. There is also a PW-At-Large group for those who cannot attend Circle meetings, but wish to be involved in PW activities.

  • Rachel Circle meets on the second Sunday at 2:30 pm in homes
  • Lydia Circle meets on the second Tuesday morning at 10:00 at the church
  • Elizabeth Circle meets on the second Friday morning at 9:30 in homes
  • Naomi Circle meets on the second Sunday morning following worship

Mission Projects of Presbyterian Women

MARY/MARTHA DAY: The third Tuesday in each month we meet at 10:00 a.m. for a special work day with lunch, fellowship, devotion and time for working on various projects including making fleece afghans, scarves and caps. We also cook casseroles for Billy Brumfield House, clean church candles, make communion wafers and bake cookies for summer adventure, to name a few.

BIRTHDAY OFFERING: An offering that originated in 1922 to celebrate the “Birthday” of Presbyterian Women. Briarwood PW has a fundraising event each year to celebrate this offering. PW members donate their food, time, and talent to support the offering. Collected funds are donated to annually-selected mission recipients and address human needs in this country and the world.

THANK OFFERING (INCLUDING HEALTH MINISTRIES): The Thank Offering is an opportunity to support mission projects at home and abroad. Grants are awarded to projects based solely on their merits. The recipients must meet 14 criteria consistent with mission concerns and policies of the PCUSA. Health-related projects receive at least 40% of the Thank Offering.

ANNUAL COOKIE CAPER: At the February Mary/Martha Day we bake, pack and ship homemade cookies to Briarwood college students, military, and homebound members.

SILENT AND WELL BABY LAYETTES: Layettes are sewn for babies at UMMC. The Silent-layettes are for stillborn infants or infants who die before leaving the hospital. Well-baby layettes are constructed for those babies who do not have clothing to wear home.

HANDICAPPED MINISTRY: Presbyterian Women focuses its support of handicapped ministries to the Little Light House and their fundraising efforts.

LOCAL MISSIONS: Throughout the year PW collects socks, caps, gloves, school supplies, personal items, and sundries for children and elders, and donates them to Lizzie Cooper Ministries and members who are local school teachers. Remember to shop for school supplies in August when the Back-to-School sales are happening, to set aside hotel toiletries when you travel, and to pick up extra bottles of soap, paper towels, Kleenex, and other items when shopping. We support Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital by donating food snacks for parents of hospitalized children.

These are just some of the opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship and service of Briarwood Presbyterian Women.  We hope you, as a new member, will find your place in this community of women in Christ.

These are just some of the outreach and mission opportunities at Briarwood. If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved, contact the church at [email protected], and information or the name of a contact will be provided.

Worship With Us

10:25 am on Sundays